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Visually Impaired and Climbing

Visually Impaired and Climbing

Why is free climbing an appropriate activity for visually impaired?

NPO Monkey Magic strongly believes in the followings.

experiment free climbing
  1. No opponents, no flying balls, we can enjoy climbing at our own pace.
  2. We can move boldly because safety is ensured by a climbing rope. It also grows a trusting partnership with the belayer.
  3. Rules are not specialized for disabilities, we can climb on the same wall, solve the same problems as everyone else. Sharing opportunities help us to promote communication and understanding of disabilities.
  4. The process of climbing "reaching the goal by solving problems by him/herself" can contribute to improving daily life activities of the visually impaired.
  5. Having a chance to go out, it can be a good opportunity to spend a time in nature.

Once you reach the climbing site, you don't need to move around except for climbing.
It means, the climbing activity is clearly separated "ON" or "OFF".

Goals of your own

「No need to care like "I have to climb in a hurry because other climbers are waiting.."
Free climbing is not kind of the sports having time frames. (except the competition)
We can give advice, but there is no direct support for ascents.
You are the only person who can solve the problem.
You choose the option "ascend" or "descend" only by yourself.
There is a "goal" of your own.

Other climbing benefits:
One's legs stronger than before, walking condition became amazingly stabled.
Another one accomplished 15kg weight loss in one year. Probably they realize effectiveness of climbing the most.

How can visually impaired climb the wall?

Climbing is a sport facing the wall in one's body.
Visually impaired can climb higher at their own pace by checking hold with sighted people. There is no special problem for disabilities at all, we can try the same problem under the same rule.

No need to consider win or lose. No opponent, no flying ball.
Safety is ensured by a rope or thick mats.
Move your body to your heart's content without fear of failure.

Feel good sweat with good fellows.Looking for answers against the wall by yourself.

Your own climbing is there.

"Enjoy free climbing with visually impaired (bouldering)"


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